DIY Russell from Up Costume



If you haven’t seen UP yet, STOP reading this right now, RUN to the store, BUY IT, WATCH IT, and THEN come back here… I’m not joking. Oh and just a warning- be prepared to cry!

Ok, now that we have that settled, lets get back to the costume tutorial. Isn’t Russell just the cutest! And his costume is so easy to make! Most of these items can be found at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and at Good Will:

Here is what you need:

  • Yellow T-Shirt
  • Orange Bandanna
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Khaki Socks
  • Hiking/Dark Colored Outdoor Shoes
  • Brown Fabric for the Sash
  • Yellow or Khaki Hat- or white and spray paint
  • Brown, Orange, Green, and Yellow Felt
  • Orange Construction Paper
  • Long dowel for flag
  • Plastic Buttons
  • Balloons
  • Book-bag
  • Printer with Colored Ink
  • img_0359

    The Hat was probably my favorite thing to make. We couldn’t find a yellow one, so we bought a white one and spray painted it yellow. I printed out the Wilderness Explorer logo to the size I needed for the hat and then cut out each piece from felt. I glued them all together with a hot glue gun and then glued the whole piece to the hat.

    • img_0357
    • img_0356

    Aren’t those badges just the cutest! I googled Wilderness Explorer badges and found a sheet that I liked. I ended up having to play around with it in Microsoft Paint and Word until they were the right size. You don’t have to have fancy editing software for this. I just saved the picture to may computer, opened it in paint and cropped the picture tight on the badges. Then I opened it in Word and changed the margins four all for sides to around .25, then printed off the sheet in black and white to make sure they were the right size. Once I got them right I printed in color, cut them out and put them in the plastic buttons.
    The sash was probably the hardest part. I bought 2 yards of brown fabric in the discount section on Hobby Lobby. Depending on what your fabric is like will depend on how much work you have to do. The fabric I used was already cut into one yard sections, it was also very wide. I ended up cutting in half length wise and then hot gluing the ends together. I folded over the sides and hot glued those. We ended up folding the whole garment again length wise because it was so wide. I measured the sash around Scott and then cut and glued it to the right size so he could slip it over his arm. After that we pinned the buttons on the sash.
    • img_0368
    • img_0369
    • img_0370

    I promise this flag is orange! More like florescent orange, but still orange! Fold the construction paper down the middle and draw a triangle (long end on the fold, point going towards the outside). Cut out the triangle keeping the fold intact, that is important. Next place the wooden dowel in the middle, where the fold is and hot glue it in place. Fold the paper and hot glue the sides together. Next print off two Wilderness Explorer Logos and tape or glue them onto the outside of the flag.
    For the final touch I picked up four balloons in red, yellow, orange and blue and tied them onto the a book-bag that Scott wore all night. I don’t think this will make or break the costume, but it added a nice touch!

Halloween Costumes: Russell and Kevin

I love dressing up in costumes! Blame it on years and years of theater, but it’s one of my favorite things. Scott on the other hand….. totally not into dressing up! In fact, I’ve had to go back to the drawing board for his 30th birthday party because he broke the news to me that he wasn’t into dressing up! And let me tell you, it was going to be awesome. But anyway…Each year our church does a Neighborhood Candy Fest. Basically a few Sunday School Classes get together and are assigned a neighborhood. We set up a bouncy house and have games and pass out candy! It’s a way for us to get to know people in our community. It’s also the perfect time for adults to get away with dressing up and not having people look at you weird!!!

So the Sunday before Halloween, I kindly told Scott he was being a party pooper and that we needed to dress up. So over lunch we narrowed down our choice to Peter Pan and Wendy or Russell and Kevin from Up. Clearly, Russell meant no green tights for Scott so that one won out (It if wasn’t 90 degrees on the last day of October, Peter Pan may have been in the running for longer).

Well, just in case you forgot- Hobby Lobby is not open on Sundays. So Micheal’s and Good Will were the places to go! I’ll do a post breaking down what I used and how I made each costume, but all in all I was really happy with how easy each one was to make and I loved the way they turned out! I’m not a DIYer, so if I say something is easy, it is! Seriously all I used was a glue gun and a stapler. If I had a sewing machine, the whole process could have done a lot smoothly (and probably looked nicer), but mine was at my parents and since this was last minute, a glue gun worked perfectly! It’s also not a time consuming project either. I would say it took me about 5 hours to do both costumes, which again for a none DIYer isn’t that bad!

Stay tuned for the breakdown from each costume!


Disney and Food Allergies: Part Two

We just got back from Disney for my 32nd birthday! 32!!! Because Scott and I have only been married two years and have no kids, a lot of times I feel a lot younger than I really am.

Anyway…. Onto what the post is about…Food and Disney. If you missed my last post on Disney and Food Allergies from our visit in July you can find it HERE! This time we tried out some new places! Some where hits and some where complete misses!


Animal Kingdom Quick Service:
Harambre Market
Harambre Market is inspired by the street foods of Africa. They had an allergy menu to choose from, but it wasn’t one of our favorites! Scott and I both had the Grilled Chicken Skewer which is gluten and dairy free. It is served with Green Papaya Slaw and Black-Eyed Pea, Corn and Tomato Salad. The Salad was very good, but the Slaw had too much vinegar for my taste. We didn’t order dessert, but I think they had a Gluten Free Cookie- probably from the brand Enjoy Life.

Animal Kingdom Lodge
Boma-Flavors of Africa
Scott really wanted to try out Boma. It’s a family-friendly buffet that has flavors from over 50 African countries. Like with any table service, when we made the reservation we listed that I couldn’t have gluten or dairy. The waiter showed us to our seat and then the chef came out and walked us through the buffet, explaining the ingredients in every dish and letting me know what was safe and what wasn’t. The chef is extremely thorough and if you forget anything or have any other questions during your meal he will come back! There were a lot of things I couldn’t have, but what I could was WONDERFUL. Some of the highlights: Seafood Gumbo over Rice, Salad Bar with the Apple Dressing, and Steak with a dipping sauce that I can’t remember the name of now. I couldn’t have anything on the dessert buffet, so the chef made me my own special gluten/dairy free dessert plate. It had a cupcake, two chocolate cookies, a chocolate chip and sugar cookies and I think some DF ice cream. The menu for the buffet changes slightly from night to night, but I’m sure all the food is equally as great!

Magic Kingdom Quick Service
Columbia Harbour House
The Columbia Harbour House is in the Liberty Square section of Magic Kingdom. They have a great Allergen menu! Complete with gluten free, dairy free chicken fingers and fries! I am a chicken finger and fries addict, so I looked no further on the menu than that! Here a little tip- There isn’t a chicken finger plate on the regular menu. It’s Chicken Breast Nuggets and Fish Fingers. So if you are more of a chicken finger fan vs nugget fan than order off the allergy menu. Here is what I really like about the Columbia Harbour House that is different than most quick service restaurants. When you order off the allergen menu, they prepare that food to order. They give you a pager and tell you to sit down and when your food is ready they will page you. Once it’s ready, one of the cast members will escort you through the line to the counter to retrieve your food. They also put the food that is ordered off the allergy menu on a separate tray, away from all the other food!

Epcot Table Service
Coral Reef Restaurant
This is a restaurant you go to for the atmosphere. It sits next to the The Seas with Nemo & Friends and has panoramic windows so you get a great view of the coral reef and the 4,000 sea creatures! There allergen menu wasn’t extensive and it looks like they serve their diner menu at lunch, so the food was kind of heavy. Scott and I ended up splitting the Grilled New York Strip Steak. We ordered if off the allergen menu, so it came with steamed green beans and roasted whole potatoes. I also ordered the Frisee and Endive Salad with was very good! If goat cheese is a form of cheese you can have, make sure to tell them or they will leave it off.

Disney Springs Table Service
If you followed along on my elimination diet, you may remember that dairy (specifically casein) was the only thing that showed up on my blood work that I was sensitive too. However, because of my autoimmune disorder, I was strongly encouraged to go gluten free as well. Because of this, I eat gluten every now and then and for the most part have a fine reaction. I just try to limit the amount. So, fair warning, the food I ate at The BOATHOUSE was not gluten free…. But it was delicious! I had the Coconut-fried Wild Pacific White Shrimp, with Orange- Chili Sauce and French Fries! It was soooo good! If you get a chance to eat here you need to and you need to ask for a table outside on the dock. The boats outside are owned by the restaurant and they are beautiful.

What’s in my purse?

Have you seen some of these lifestyle magazines where they interview a celebrity and then they ask them to show everything that’s in their purse! Some have a $500 wallet in their $1000 purse and you think- nope she is not like me, but others are normal and carry tissues and your like- YES! Thank you! Everyone has to wipe their nose!Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you what’s in my purse!

Here it is! I’ll go clockwise-

* Essential Oils Bag– This holds all my oils I carry with me. My staples that I carry every day are Breathe Again, Deep Relief, R.C & Lemon Mix, Season Trio Blend, Summer Perfume, DiGize and Peppermint Mix, Lavender, Peppermint, Valor, and Lavender Lip Balm. Clearly, we see I have an oil hoarding problem.
* Outdoor Spray and Thieves Spray
* iPhone and earbuds (never know when someone will go live on faceook or when there will be a good podcast to listen to. Most of my driving in spent listening to educational and business podcast or videos)
* Handheld diffuser- this is SO GREAT for on the go. Right now it’s filled with Release Oil because stress is not good. Release oil is good, stress is not!
* Notebook and pens (I always like to carry a small notebook with me. I’d much rather have my notes written down then in my phone)
* Financial Peace wallet- has my check books
* Wallet with cash and cards
* Gift Cards- because we started Financial Peace University and that’s how we are going to make it!

On a normal day my purse would also be full of receipts and tissues, but I cleaned it out this morning before work! I think I may need to get rid a few more things in it, because it is heavy! I’m sure the pound of oils I carry has nothing to do with that! lol

Summer Corn Chowder


A few weeks ago we had a family reunion and I figured Summer Corn Chowder would be perfect! I could put in on the stove when we left for church and it would be ready by the time I got home! I’ve shared my love for Mrs Terri’s Corn Chowder, but to me it’s a heavy soup. PERFECT for winter, but I wanted something on the lighter side.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and quickly went to work on how I could adapt it!

What you will need:
* 4 cans of whole kernel corn
* 3 can of diced potatoes (or a bag of Golden Round potatoes cut into quarters)
* 1 medium onion, chopped
* 1 clove garlic
* 3 Tbsp Earth Balance Vegan & Soy Free Buttery Spread
* 1/4 cup gluten free flour (I used almond flour, but once I’m off the elimination diet I’ll use gluten free all purpose flower)
* 2 drops of Thyme Essential Oil
* 1 Cup of Dairy Free Half and Half ( you can make your own by adding one part Almond Milk Creamer or Coconut Cream to one part Diary free milk)
* 5 cups of water
* 1Tbsp Honey
* 5 slices of gluten free/nitrate free bacon, cut into pieces
* 2-3 Tbsp chopped chives

What do to:
* Add Earth Balance Buttery Spread to pot and cook onions and bacon until they turn brown.
* Next add the garlic and let it brown.
* Add gluten free flour a little at a time. ( If the flour starts to clump you can start switching back and forth- adding a little water and adding a little flour)
* Add the 5 cups of water and bring to a boil.
* Add in all the other ingredients expect for the chopped chives
* Turn down and let simmer. ( The directions say simmer for 20 minutes. I put this on the stove on a Sunday Morning and let it simmer while we were at church. It was probably 2 hours and it turned out fine)
* Once it is done cooking, transfer 2 1/2 cups of chowder to a blender and blend until smooth
* Pour back into pot and stir together
* Serve with diary free cheese, chives, diary free sour cream or more bacon! Enjoy!