Week One Round Up

I have officially made it through one week on this elimination diet. And it wasn’t pretty!

Monday: I quickly realized that I’m not a turkey person and a person can only eat so many green apples! Also I have no clue how to make muffins with fresh blueberry’s so those didn’t really turn out edible.

Tuesday: I didn’t eat much at all,had a melt down and cried myself to sleep.

Wednesday: I realized going cold turkey- with no Mountain Dew and no sugar was making me sick (like light headed and dizzy sick). So I made these wonderful flourless cookies(leaving out the chocolate chips, and subbing in Coconut sugar for brown sugar). I had about one a day, eating 1/2 of the cookie for a mid morning snack and the other half later in the day. I’m suppose to be off sugar completely- so I need to find a good sub for the Coconut Sugar.

Thursday: Went a little better! I also found out that Domizons gluten free pizza crust doesn’t have anything on my NO list. So for dinner I had a GF pizza, with no cheese and roasted red and green peppers. This will be my GO TO when I need a “junk food” fix.

Friday: Oh Friday was not a good day. We met some friends for dinner at a local Stir-fry restaurant. And while I tried to stick to food on my YES list, the cross contamination was something fierce. Lesson learned.

Saturday: My first experience going to a summer party and not being able to eat the food! It was hard!

Now- it’s on to the next week!

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