The Business Side of Young Living!

Ask me about oils and I can on and on.

Ask me about the Golden Drop Society- and be prepared to sit there for a few hours while I tell you why its amazing! The Golden Drop Society is wonderful, The Golden Drop Business Builders….Oh gracious, I love that group! It may sound a little weird to you, and I get it! You’re probably asking, “You love a group where 90% of the people you have never met outside of facebook?” Yeap!

If I write too much, I’m going to cry- so here is why I love my Golden Drop builders group so much
* We have leaders who pray for us, our goals and our families
* What you do matters and is seen by other women who acknowledge, encourage and praise you publicly and privately for it
* Your leaders want you to grow, and will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals
* There is NEVER any pressure, but only love, support and encouragement
* That one person who seems to be right where you want to be, is just a facebook chat away and is always willing to give you tips
* We have an end of the month facebook party where we congratulate everyone on an awesome month
* There is no competition! We share ideas, have parties together, help each other out! There is enough success to go around and we all want each other to experience it!

The list could go on and on.

The more I talk to women, the more I find out that many of them want to be at home with their children. Or they want to get out of their 9-5 job, or they want to have the freedom to travel. They may just want a little extra income for gifts, kids parties, or to renovate the house (that one is me!!).

I have seen it happen with some of the ladies in our group! It’s not easy by any means! You will grow, you will be stretched, you will feel like giving up! But when you do- that is when all these wonderful ladies will be there to pick you up, dust you off and get you going again!

If any of this has peeked your interested, I would love to give you some more information on Young Living and the business side! Our team offers a Business Class once a month. Once completed you will have access to our private business builders facebook page, a special section on our blog dedicated to building a business, and access to our Drop Box with tons of information!
If you like more information please email me at [email protected]!

  • Ladies night Make and Take for Albany Golden Drop Members
  • Golden Drop Founder and Leader Lesley Graham came down to Albany to teach a class
  • Golden Drop Founder and Leader Lesley Graham came down to Albany to teach a class
  • Intro to Oils Make and Take with Stephanie (my sponsor) and Kristin (friend, fellow Golden Drop cross line member)


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