Story of My Ring: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 about finally picking a ring you can read it here.

{Marie’s side of the story} So, I’ve finally picked a ring! Great! Right? Well, normally you would think that. Other than the designer was only there for one day and was leaving at 9:00 when the mall closed and wouldn’t be back in Albany for 4-6 months. And this isn’t a style band Kay’s carries in their store, it’s specific to the designer. And the special they are running is only for that day. Remember, Scott and I had just stopped by to look! Now, I don’t like to feel pressured into buying something and I wasn’t about to let them pressure Scott into buying a ring. Thats a big purchase! Plus, who really wants to be there when your boyfriend buys your engagement ring? Not me! But I talked with the sales associate, while Scott went with the other associate to talk about price. When they finally came back the associates were just looking at us like “What next?”. I told Scott I didn’t want to be there when he bought a ring, and that we came in just to look. And I thought it would be wise if we just left and talked about it. They would be there til 9:00 and I had to go into work, if he decided to get it that day he could do it when I went into work. But I didn’t want to make a decision without talking it over.

So the associates wrote everything down and we went to Publix. (Cue breakdown in the meat department of how we were only looking and now there was this ring I wanted and loved, but we weren’t planning on making a purchase and I wasn’t even planning on finding something I like and things were just going too fast. I told you-dramatic). So we leave Publix and head back to Scott’s house. He goes and lays down on the couch and starts to watch tv. I tell him I’m heading to work that I should be an hour or so. I leave and he’s still on the couch- not moving a muscle.

I head to work and for some reason get done with what I have to do in 30 minutes. As I’m leaving I call Scott and he is at Adams house getting the propane tank so we can grill out. I think “There is NO way he had time to go to the mall, get the ring, and get to Adams house.” So I’m a little disappointed, but put it out of my mind. My mom even asked me later, “Do you think he went back to get it?” and I tell her I don’t see how, there is no way he could have had enough time.

{Scott’s side of the story} Now that Marie has left for work I jump up off the couch and hop in my car to drive to the mall. I walk into Kay’s and immediately everyone is elated that I came back for the ring. I made the purchase and said I will have to come back later to pick it up, seeing as how Marie would be with me for the rest of the day. So after about ten minutes everything is done and I’m ready to leave, so I get back in the car and drive to Adam’s house to get my propane tank.

Just as I am setting the tank in the trunk of my car, my phone rings and it’s Marie. She finished work much quicker than expected and asks “Whatcha doing?”. This worked out better than I could have planned, I didn’t even have to cook up a lie to hide going to the mall! We meet back up at the house to start dinner. Throughout that night and over the next few weeks Marie would bring up questions about the ring but I would just brush it off as best as I could. Keep in mind I bought the ring on November 2nd, five weeks before I was going to propose.

Check back for how Scott proposed!

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