Golden Drop Society- Natural Beauty Month

Ah!!! February! The month of LOVE!! {Or Singles Awareness Month as I called it before I was married}. There is just something about February that makes me what to dress up and look pretty, and by dress up and look pretty, I mean actually do my hair and makeup! And put on something other than my gym clothes.

I don’t have hours and hours a day to spend on hair and makeup, I like things that make my morning routine easier but still make me feel special. So when the Golden Drop Society did natural beauty month last February, I took it as time to find some great chemical free, natural and non toxic options for hair, makeup and beauty! My keys are 1) I have to like it 2) it needs to be fast 3) it needs to be affordable.

Since last February, I’ve tried different products here and there and have have come up with a great “go to” list! Over the next week I’ll be sharing you some of my favorite items!

Why is knowing what you put on your skin and body so important? Watch this video!

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