2016 Young Living Convention -Mona Farm

I just got back from the 2016 Young Living Grand Convention and I want to do a full recap soon, but first I wanted to share with you all the pictures from the Mona Farm!

The weather was so beautiful and thankfully the farm wasn’t overly crowded!

Aren’t the views of the mountain just gorgeous!

  • IMG_9424
  • IMG_9429
  • IMG_9453

While we were at the farm they were distilling Juniper and Blue Yarrow. The smell was amazing!

  • IMG_9458
  • IMG_9459
  • IMG_9460
  • IMG_9461
  • IMG_9463
  • IMG_9464
  • IMG_9465
  • IMG_9466
  • IMG_9468
  • IMG_9469
  • IMG_9470
  • IMG_9471
  • IMG_9472
  • IMG_9473
  • IMG_9474
  • IMG_9475
  • IMG_9476

And of course, I can’t forget the Lavender Field. This field is one they have set up for guest to see and take pictures in. There is a field across the road where they actually do the planting and going on the Lavender we use.

  • IMG_9432
  • IMG_9433
  • IMG_9434
  • IMG_9435
  • IMG_9436
  • IMG_9438
  • IMG_9440
  • IMG_9450
  • IMG_9601
  • IMG_9604
  • IMG_9605
  • IMG_9606
  • IMG_9609
  • IMG_9612
  • IMG_9616

There is so much to do at the farm! If you are ever there you MUST try the Lavender Lemonade- it is wonderful!

  • IMG_9425
  • IMG_9431
  • IMG_9451
  • IMG_9452
  • IMG_9453
  • IMG_9477
  • IMG_9608
  • IMG_9613
  • IMG_9614

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