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Halloween Costumes: Russell and Kevin

I love dressing up in costumes! Blame it on years and years of theater, but it’s one of my favorite things. Scott on the other hand….. totally not into dressing up! In fact, I’ve had to go back to the drawing board for his 30th birthday party because he broke the news to me that he wasn’t into dressing up! And let me tell you, it was going to be awesome. But anyway…Each year our church does a Neighborhood Candy Fest. Basically a few Sunday School Classes get together and are assigned a neighborhood. We set up a bouncy house and have games and pass out candy! It’s a way for us to get to know people in our community. It’s also the perfect time for adults to get away with dressing up and not having people look at you weird!!!

So the Sunday before Halloween, I kindly told Scott he was being a party pooper and that we needed to dress up. So over lunch we narrowed down our choice to Peter Pan and Wendy or Russell and Kevin from Up. Clearly, Russell meant no green tights for Scott so that one won out (It if wasn’t 90 degrees on the last day of October, Peter Pan may have been in the running for longer).

Well, just in case you forgot- Hobby Lobby is not open on Sundays. So Micheal’s and Good Will were the places to go! I’ll do a post breaking down what I used and how I made each costume, but all in all I was really happy with how easy each one was to make and I loved the way they turned out! I’m not a DIYer, so if I say something is easy, it is! Seriously all I used was a glue gun and a stapler. If I had a sewing machine, the whole process could have done a lot smoothly (and probably looked nicer), but mine was at my parents and since this was last minute, a glue gun worked perfectly! It’s also not a time consuming project either. I would say it took me about 5 hours to do both costumes, which again for a none DIYer isn’t that bad!

Stay tuned for the breakdown from each costume!


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